In the 21th century skills seminar, we explained how to get from government,- and city-policies, to a ‘new now’ design for cities. With enough sustainability, enough space and capacity for water and green. Who will provide healthy cities for the citizens. To explain this we used  the 12 steps method – called Ambitionweb with 3 segments for people, planet and profit. And we had a good question round with a good dialogue at the end of our webinar(s). With our local partner Randy Tambayong director of PT Atelier UNA Architecture and Damy Heezen of Aim Green we created this webinar.

What did we discuss, we presented how The Netherlands uses smart city development tools like S-Scan® and Ambition Web® by government policy to aim on 100% sustainable cities in 2050. Also we showed what kind of technical solutions we will implement to ensure this ambition and this was explained by sustainable development expert Richard Ruijtenbeek.

Damy Heezen explained how we could implement these methods in Indonesia, together with for example B A P P E N A S (Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning) on National level and without support of Indonesian government on project development level, where we would still follow Indonesian policy for project development. Also we explained how we could create a vocational program to educate and exchange knowledge for the technical solutions that we explained for 21th century cities, in the near future.