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Our skilled network have the capacity for, creating access to opportunities through our network and assist for reaching out for grants and funding for social wellbeing projects. And help companies to shift in strategy with the SDG’s and circular business cases.

Richard Ruijtenbeek

Richard Ruijtenbeek



Richard Ruijtenbeek, I have 2 focus area’s:

1. He is a manager and engineer that focuses on decision-making. He is specialised in sustainable projects (building/installation & infrastructure & foresty & civil). A tenacious and grounded mediator, who realises complex projects within a team with perseverance and vision. He has extensive experience in managing project teams, structuring, organising and financing projects. His extensive experience in civil and building engineering and sustainable (innovative) projects, aids him in being able to shift easily from a high level of abstraction (as a manager) to concrete implementation (as an engineer or consultant).

2. I advice clients for their cost-minimization within a focused market, and help them to pursuing strategic differentiation within a focused market. This helps them grab market share and ensure their products are used efficient as possible, further driving down cost. Because of my wide expertise, i have the disipline and crossover knowledge, to change systems to new standards. My speciality is sustainable business models with an R.O.I. in < 10 years. And giving lectures and training to professionals on how to implemente sustainability, such as circulairity in your projects.


Sensei Raj

Sensei Raj



Sensei Raj founded Global Changemakers Network in 2019 to assist and lead deep systemic change for world peace and thriving planet, by empowering entities to embrace triple-bottom-line framework and newer models of inclusive and equitable economy.

He is an Engineer and a strategist guiding clients in meta-strategy, business turn arounds, process excellence, re-engineering, sustainable development, risk modeling, transformational leadership activation, entrepreneur empowerment training, high-performance & leadership coaching.

Sensei Raj is a serial entrepreneur in multiple industries spanning underwater salvage, advertising & branding, IT, engineering, personal development, logistics, sports performance, sustainability solutions, circular economy and social initiatives. He founded World Economic Summit and owns Global Changemaker magazine amongst other initiatives while upholding human dignity.


Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

When your appetites for intellectual workouts that challenge you to engage to solve critical issues we face as a specie; Participate, lead or initiate cross border working groups to manifest the very change you craved for; Crave for change and much more . . . ?

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