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Global Changemakers Network: Catalysts for Positive Change

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Global Changemakers Network is a non-partisan, independent international organization dedicated to fostering global peace and prosperity. As a global platform and catalyst for change, we promote collaborative and inclusive partnerships aimed at driving deep systemic transformation. Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve well-being and catalyze positive social change. By providing essential skills, we enable people to contribute to social well-being projects, thereby fostering a better planet for all. Our approach is deeply rooted in the principles of the donut economy, which balances human development within ecological limits, and Ikigai, the Japanese concept of finding purpose and meaning in life.

Empowering Communities

We assist communities, countries, companies, and NGOs in their growth, ensuring they align harmoniously with our planet. By nurturing changemakers equipped with the necessary skills, we aim to create well-being in communities worldwide. These efforts are grounded in practical and technical solutions that have been proven effective over the past three decades. Our work includes promoting sustainable economic models, such as the donut economy, which emphasizes thriving within planetary boundaries, and Ikigai, which helps individuals find their purpose and contribute meaningfully to society. We believe that when people understand their role and have the tools to act, they can drive significant positive change.

Innovative Changemakers Network

The Changemakers Network addresses the pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges facing our planet. As a resilient and intelligent species, we can work together with changemakers to overcome these obstacles and foster a healthier, happier world. Our network leverages the donut economy model to ensure that development does not surpass ecological boundaries while meeting essential human needs. By integrating the principles of Ikigai, we help individuals and communities discover their purpose and contribute effectively to societal well-being. This holistic approach, combined with proven project development methodologies, ensures that our initiatives are both innovative and sustainable.

CMNW Group: Consultancy for Sustainable Growth

The CMNW Group is a boutique consulting firm that takes pride in its international network, which enables us to find innovative solutions for our clients. Our goal is to support projects that contribute to sustainable growth and responsible development, leveraging proven practices from the past 30 years. By incorporating the donut economy’s principles, we ensure that economic activities do not compromise environmental integrity. Additionally, we apply the Ikigai philosophy to help individuals and organizations find purpose in their work, leading to more meaningful and impactful outcomes. Our consulting services are designed to facilitate projects that are both technically sound and financially viable, promoting long-term sustainability.

Collaborative Efforts

In partnership with our global experts, we are committed to working together within the Changemakers Network to drive meaningful change. Our collaborative projects are designed to leverage the strengths and expertise of various stakeholders, ensuring that our initiatives are both impactful and sustainable. By drawing on the principles of the donut economy, which advocates for economic systems that do not exceed environmental limits, and integrating the Ikigai philosophy, we create development projects that are not only technically sound but also financially viable. These projects have been tested and refined over the past thirty years, proving their effectiveness in various global contexts.

Sustainable Planet

Our current efforts are precisely calibrated to initiate a significant course correction for a sustainable planet. Through practical, technical solutions that have been proven both technically and financially over the last three decades, we are making impactful strides towards sustainability. The donut economy framework guides our approach, ensuring that human activities remain within ecological ceilings while addressing social foundations. By implementing these strategies, we can create a balanced and sustainable future. Additionally, the Ikigai concept helps individuals align their personal goals with broader environmental and social objectives, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability.

Fostering Humanity

Our mission is to connect great minds and spark wisdom through genuine, heartfelt connections. By nurturing deeper engagement and tapping into the core of humanity, we aim to build a future that is both happier and healthier. The principles of the donut economy and Ikigai guide our approach, ensuring that our efforts are balanced and purposeful. We believe that by fostering a sense of purpose and aligning individual goals with collective well-being, we can create a more resilient and compassionate world. Our work focuses on implementing practical, proven technical solutions that have demonstrated success over the past three decades, ensuring that our initiatives are effective and impactful.

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