in World Landscape Architecture 2022 (WLA 2022)
for Concept Analysis and Planning!

KICK OFF webinar with the City development department of Amsterdam on 15 July 2022, 15.30.

Minister of PUPR
Ir. H. Mochamad Basuki Hadimuljono


Hans van der Made
Ir. Habibie Razak


Richard Ruijtenbeek
Joyce van den Berg
Dr Ichsan Ichsan
Selly Indrawati
Damy Heezen


Maria Nikkita Mega Melati

While facing the future of the world and thinking about creating more sustainable infrastructure, the City of Amsterdam took the initiative to redesign its entire city for the future to be 100% sustainable & circular.


After 3 years of detailed research, design, and engineering, they decided to share this knowledge with the whole world in 2 books;

– “The Amstelstad Case Study”, which is already very busy turning this part of the city to be completely energy- & climate-neutral and fully circular,

– The ‘Workbook’, contains all the final designs of all sections of sustainable public space for the new Amsterdam in 2050.

Damy Heezen took the initiative to make these books available in Indonesia with the aim of helping Indonesia to learn from it for all future landscape architecture and infrastructure development by translating the books into Indonesian.

The books of Amsterdam will serve as the ultimate example as a result of the Dutch government’s Approach of Duurzaam GWW en Ambiti web and Mr. Heezen also created an Indonesian version of this and will offer this to Indonesian governments and companies in the future to help them in making project development cheaper to build, most sustainable without extra investments and more profitable.

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