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Three Core Principles of Changemakers

1. Affordability and Financing of Urban Infrastructure:
We are committed to ensuring that cities and infrastructure projects remain affordable. Our approach involves making these projects financially viable and sustainable. By doing so, we maintain their operational feasibility while contributing to the creation of green, future-ready urban spaces.

2. Enhancing Sustainability Performance:
Our initiatives are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the principles of the Doughnut Economy, and Paris Agreement commitments. We strive to improve sustainability metrics to ensure our projects contribute positively to broad-based prosperity. This involves integrating advanced sustainability practices and technologies to create resilient and eco-friendly environments.

3. Trusted and Comprehensive Implementation:
We emphasize the importance of having a robust implementation organization. Our team comprises experienced professionals who excel in executing complex projects. This ensures that our initiatives are not only visionary but also practically achievable within the defined frameworks. Our goal is to foster trust and reliability, making future-proof developments a reality.

Supporting Information and Links

Broad-Based Prosperity:

Broad-based prosperity goes beyond economic progress measured by GDP. It also considers developments in climate, nature and environment, education, social security, safety, and healthcare. Click here

Paris Proof:

Emphasizes the integration of urban green spaces, urban farming, nature, IKIGAI, healthy movement, and the combination of these elements. Cities and landscapes come together in thoughtfully designed structures and other facilities, transforming them into special places to live, work, exhibit, eat, and drink. We integrate physical, mental, social, psychological, and ecological principles for a longer and happier life, aiming to create an environment where people can live healthily and happily. Paris Proof – Dutch Green Building Council (

The theme of green cities and happiness focuses on the increasing interweaving of nature, cities, and people. This aims to provide:

  1. Healthy, natural movement
  2. A sense of self
  3. Low stress, sufficient rest
  4. Ample, healthy food
  5. Healthy nutrition with minimal meat
  6. Spiritual experiences – meditation
  7. Healthy drinks
  8. Loved ones, family relationships, a sense of belonging
  9. The right environment that makes all of the above possible.

These are essential and valuable components of the Green City of the Future, which we will create with our partners. Ikigai – Wikipedia

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