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Global Changemakers Network is an international organisation with headquarters in Amsterdam. Their mission is to empower people for well being and to catalyse positive social change through providing skills to add value for social well being projects for a better planet.

Who will have the skills to work in harmonie with mother planet and create well being in communities, we call them: the changemakers.

Changemakers networks are f.e.:

Want to join as an organisation, or want help, please email us.



Challenges, we will help you to mobilize and train key changemakers and create changemaker institutions to develop and scale the most innovative solutions for your community or company in the new economy.



Trainings, we can supply a three day Changemaker-facilitated, peer-learning process, personal development, company profile improvement, preparatory content, logistics and storytelling for the impact.



Courses, changemakers Courses are facilitated interactive experiences for professional development, skill-building, and talent development. The experience includes self-paced activities, live facilitation, sessions with guest experts, learning modules, group collaboration projects, discussion forums, and more.

Our network of 500 Changemakers

The Changemakers will have a global network of social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists to build a Changemaker profile for your community, NGO or company. For example:

  1.  driven by a clear vision and solid purpose, the changemakers will train the entrepreneurs to have an changemakers mind, and will they will help to shape and reimagine the world we live in, and still make a decent living;
  2.  we assist your entrepreneurs to scale up, after been trained to be an changemaker and expand and move into overseas markets and make impact in their lives, their business and in their community as individuals;
  3.  we help family businesses to ensure a smooth transition process and encourage the next generation to take over the reins and let woman become the root of their family, and expand the family business;
  4.  is your business prepared for digital transformation in the Tirth industrial economy with pro-consumers ? Do you have a social wellbeing business for the next generation ? We know the challenges and keys to harnessing digital your businesses to a new competitive edge. And challenge you, year by year to be improve and be part of the new economy.

We work with various foundations and partners. And form a team together with our customers and partners, to develop sustainable cities. Sustainable means quality for the long term: use and application of (circular) and sustainable materials and social welfare and the remain of added value in the (sub)area.

For clients, this means that they can give concrete direction to their objectives for sustainability, circularity, Positive energy districts with high CO2 reduction – with more local jobs.

For the user, comfort increases, for the partners the commercial local attractiveness increases and a higher value is created with a green social environment.

We make this concrete with the D-scan, Ambitionweb 2.0, integrated public design method and various circular tools i.r.t. the donut economy from Kate Raworth.

We love to earn your trust to be your strategic solutions partner so you can focus on your core strengths. We work together in a worldwide network for our clients.

More info on the websites of some of our partners:

“now we must focus and re-shape our way of doing” the time for excuses is over. It’s time for action

Richard Ruijtenbeek

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

When your appetites for intellectual workouts that challenge you to engage to solve critical issues we face as a specie; Participate, lead or initiate cross border working groups to manifest the very change you craved for; Crave for change and much more . . . ?

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