In collaboration with a dedicated team of experts from Rotterdam including Ing. R. (Rob) H.A. de Bruijn, Ing. R. (Richard) R. Ruijtenbeek BBE, Ing. A. (Antal) J. de Bruijn M LM, Eng Alfonso Muimba and Ir. R. (Roel) de Jong MSc RO, we are thrilled to present an ambitious initiative: the Main port Democratic Republic of Congo. This project marks the beginning of a comprehensive study into the future economic possibilities within the Congo River Delta, offering a glimpse into the immense potential harbored within this dynamic region.


Our primary objective is to thoroughly assess technical and economic factors pertinent to harbor operations in the Congo River Delta, paving the way for a comprehensive feasibility study.

Harbour Principle:

Drawing inspiration from established harbor principles in leading global ports such as Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam Maasvlakte II, and Monaco, our construction and layout adhere to modern techniques while maintaining the same operational principles.

The Power of Main port:

Unveiling the Mainport:

Catalyzing Economic Growth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

With international shipping routes witnessing a significant surge, exemplified by 802 million TEU annually in 2019 and a projected 30% growth over the next two decades, the Mainport Democratic Republic of Congo is poised to emerge as a pivotal player in global trade dynamics.

Regional and Global Potential:

Beyond facilitating international trade, the Main port holds immense regional and global economic potential, with projections indicating a minimum throughput of 3 million TEU annually by 2040, generating 400,000 direct jobs and 2,000,000 indirect jobs, excluding bulk and offshore operations.


Our multi-modal transport operations encompass deep-sea and short-sea shipping, inland shipping, rail, road, and air transportation, supported by logistics principles spanning container operations, roll-on/roll-off operations, bulk operations, storage operations, dry dock operations, barge operations, and transit operations.


The Main port DRC, designed to handle 1,000,000 TEU per year with a throughput time of 9 days (7 days post-optimization), prioritizes environmental sustainability and minimal social impact, with a projected return-on-investment period of 14 years.


To complement transportation modalities, our infrastructure development encompasses deep-sea/short-sea facilities, rail networks, road systems, air transport hubs, and ancillary support industries including warehousing, reefer operations, bundling and distribution operations, value-added logistics, production locations, maintenance and support facilities, and safety and medical installations.


Urban Area Development:

Unveiling the Mainport:

Catalyzing Economic Growth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Integral to our vision is the development of the Boma urban area, accommodating housing for 1,000,000 residents across various socioeconomic strata, alongside commercial, health, educational, and mobility infrastructure.


In summary, the Main port and industrial area Democratic Republic of Congo represents a paradigm shift in economic development, promising unparalleled trade, employment, and urban growth opportunities. We extend our gratitude for your attention and invite you to join us on this transformative journey toward prosperity and sustainability in the heart of Africa.